In today’s busy lifestyle, with people working for most part of the day little or no time is left to do laundry. People are always in search of a solution to keep their laundry clean while at the same time maintaining quality of the fabric. Professional dry cleaning has become the best alternative for people with a busy lifestyle who want to keep their laundry clean in the shortest time possible while at the same time keeping the quality of fabric unaltered.

At dry cleaning services Singapore, we understand our laundry needs and we are committed to offering you the best dry cleaning services to meet your expectations. We offer diverse dry cleaning services including:


    Laundry dry cleaning

    Dry cleaning your clothes guarantees you perfect cleaning, maintaining quality and removing stubborn stains. This is different from the normal cleaning processing using water and detergent. Our dry cleaning process is efficient to guarantee the best outcome of the dry cleaning process. Once we pick your clothes or you bring them to us, they first inspected and then properly marked for identification. This is to make sure that they are in good condition and also to prevent loss. The second process is stain removal using a special stain remover to clean all stubborn stains including fat stains. After stain removal, the clothes are passed through cleaning agents which clean your clothes thoroughly. Later, the clothes are passed through a drier to remove cleaning agents. The dried clothes are at this stage re-inspected to make sure they are completely clean. If clean, they are properly packaged to await when you will pick them or we drop them at your preferred location.

    Curtain dry cleaning

    Curtains are pieces of laundry most people always forget to clean. Curtains are home accessories that should be kept clean at all times because they are almost the first thing people notice when they visit your home. Most curtains are made using very sensitive, but high quality fabric and this means they should be handled properly. Normal cleaning using water and detergent may leave curtains damaged as a result of shrinkage of fading of color. To prolong the life span of your curtains, it is recommended that you clean them appropriately. For instance, we have special cleaning agents that will help in cleaning your curtains while at the same time maintaining quality of your fabric. Our special dry cleaning agents will maintain the original color of your curtains and also maintain the quality of fabric. We have special cleaning agents for almost all types of fabric that you may have for your curtains. Dry cleaning curtains might be a little bit costly but also consider the cost you are likely to incur by replacing the faded and damaged curtains that were not properly cleaned.

    Carpet dry cleaning

    Carpet cleaning can be a very difficult task to do even with all the time in the world. This is because carpets are heavy weight, stubborn to clean and they take a lot of time to dry. Dry cleaning becomes the best option to clean your carpet efficiently and first. Our carpet dry cleaning procedure takes a very short time and leaves your carpet clean more than you can imagine. To clean your carpet, we soak it in a special cleaning powder and use little water to help the cleaning powder soak completely in all areas of your carpet. This special carpet cleaning powder removes all the stains while at the same time maintaining the quality of your carpet fabric. After we are assured that the carpet is completely clean we use a vacuum to remove the water and powder from your carpet. This automatically dries your carpet instantly. The average time taken to clean is at least one and a half hours and you are ready to go. This is different from home cleaning where your carpet takes days to dry and mold and foul smell might develop through this drying time.

    Ironing services

    Ironing is a very tasking job especially if you have a large family. This means you have to iron loads and loads of clothes and you may not get the time or energy to do all that work. Our ironing services are here to help you in cases where you can’t do all the ironing by yourself. Our professional ironing services are also very useful in case you want to iron very sensitive materials, there are some materials that you can easily damage if you try ironing them all by yourself. This is because they require specialized kind of ironing like steam ironing and other types of ironing to keep them neat while at the same time keeping them safe from being damaged by heat. Giving ironing work to a professional may be affordable more than you can imagine. The cost of causing burns on your valuable clothes may be expensive than leaving the ironing work to a professional who knows how to handle your clothes in a professional manner. A professional will leave your clothes neat and free from wrinkles and burns.

    House cleaning services

    For busy people who rarely get time to do household chores, our house cleaning services offer the most inclusive package you can get. We do all the household chores and leave you house clean, organized and well kept. Some of our house cleaning services include; cleaning and pressing clothes, washing dirty dishes, cleaning your furniture and cleaning all types of floors. Ours is our one stop where you can request to have all services performed at your own convenience. To offer quality and professional services, we make sure we recruit only the most qualified, skilled and experienced staff. This is to ensure we send honest and professional people to your house who will understand the need for privacy in your home. Our cleaning team will clean your home in the least period of time using high quality specialized equipment. With a combination of quality cleaning agents, special equipment and highly trained staff, they will leave your house clean and meet all your specifications. Part time cleaning is becoming a very popular choice due to the high cost of hiring people to live in your house.

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