Looking for carpet cleaning service? Is it time that you start seeing stains or begin smelling or breathing uncomfortably at your home or office? It is common sense to clean the carpet regularly in order to avoid germ infection or foul smell. The duration of cleaning carpets depends on the frequency of usage. Some may need to clean it every few months whereas if the carpet is with less traffic going on, you may just clean it every year or two or even longer if there is no health concern or any aesthetic problem dealing with the carpet.

Carpets can be cleaned up using special shampoo for carpet wash. However the use of such shampoo will have some undesired side effects like the occurrence of residual stuff that attract dirt again. A better option would be the use of dry cleaning method which is water-saving and environmental friendly.

What is Carpet Dry Cleaning actually?

Carpet dry cleaning uses little water and the compound uniquely formulated for carpet cleaning can remove dirt thoroughly on the carpet, and after that the combined substance will then be vacuumed off completely. Therefore, there is no waiting time at all for the carpet to turn dry which may take days to do so. The compound used for carpet cleaning is biodegradable which means it is recyclable and it will not do any harm to the environment.

Another advantage of using dry cleaning method is that there will be no shrinkage of carpet after cleaning. As long as water is used during the cleaning process, carpets will shrink, get discolored or even being damaged after washing; so a much wiser option for carpet cleaning is undoubtedly using dry cleaning method.

The Process of Carpet Dry Cleaning

First, we will collect your carpet and apply a special solution in powder form which is sprayed onto the carpet. The powder can stick together with the dirt strongly. Let the powder remain on the carpet for 15 minutes to an hour depending on the situation.

Next, spread the powder into the carpet deeper for more cleansing. If the carpet is very dirty, we will let the powder seep deeper and longer into it. After that, we will use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove all of it and make sure there is no powder left after vacuuming; otherwise the final powdered substance may attract dirt again.

Later on, your carpet will be ready again without the long wait as in water and/or shampoo cleaning method. It is as easy as that. No hassle at all. And the budget for carpet dry cleaning is relatively low as compared to other forms of carpet cleaning like steam cleaning or hot water cleaning for carpets.

Our consultant specialized for carpet cleaning will advice you and provide you a quotation after analysing or viewing your carpet and you can expect your carpet to be clean as new under our careful and experienced service. Call us for further details if you still have doubts for this cost-saving and safe method for your carpet cleaning.

What Are the Different Carpet Cleaning Methods?

Carpets that you use at home, business or elsewhere need to be cleaned regularly. It depends on the sort of the carpet while considering the proper method to clean it. The climate of the area (Singapore in this case) also affects how quickly and how deeply carpets get dirty and hence they need cleaning and maintenance of different types. Singapore’s climate is tropical as it is near the Equator. There is round-the-year heavy rainfall and there is heavy moisture in the atmosphere as such. The different methods that are used in Singapore for cleaning carpets include hot water extraction, and steam carpet cleaning. We’ll discuss them briefly.

Given the type of the climate of Singapore, you need to use the right method of cleaning carpet depending on the type of the carpet and where they are being used domestic or commercial.

Hot water extraction cleaning

It is called steam carpet cleaning in ordinary parlance. The method involves the use of high-pressure hot water to cause agitation in the fibres of the carpet and this dislodges the dirt and debris from within the fibres.

The method is thus: the cleaning agent is applied on the soiled surface on the carpet followed by agitating the carpet with a brush and then rinsing.

When the cleaning agent goes in the interior of the carpet and stays there for a short while, the carpet is cleaned by washing by cleaning equipment. The equipment rinses the carpet completely in the cleaning agent. The carpet is subject to drawing room temperature or at air conditioner temperature.A carpet of size 3000 square feet takes generally two hours to get cleaned. It takes not less than four hours to dry for the same carpet.

This method of cleaning carpets is performed by many cleaning services companies during the afternoon because cleaning is done afternoon and the carpet may be left to dry overnight. You can resume using it the following day.

Dry carpet cleaning

This is an ultra-modern technology. It’s also known as compound cleaning. And, it’s working mechanism is akin to that of dry cleaning. It has gained popularity over the past few years thanks to the more manufacturers recommending the method because of its effectiveness and convenience.

There are diverse cleaning compounds powders developed over the past many years. This technology is said to be comparatively new as against the other methods like wet carpet cleaning method. This method has been in vogue for the past many years.

The significant feature of for dry carpet cleaning is that cleaning powder compounds are used at the bottom part of the carpet. This is done by a motorized counter-rotating brush machine that opens fibres of the carpet and let the compound settle in the interior. This leads to deep carpet cleaning.

Significantly, the cleaning compound used in this method is made of a biodegradable degradable material. The material is just like microsponges that can effectively absorb the dirt the carpet accumulates and it can removed completely when the cleaning process comes to an end.

Further, the equipment used in dry carpet cleaning varies widely depending on the manufacturer. Manufacturers make themselves distinct by revolving their own cleaning powder or compound formula and customise the design of the equipment.

The most important benefit that dry carpet cleaning accrues is that it is safe for the commercial business areas where the environment it is also good for carpets used in commercial offices that use the carpet round the clock and the whole week.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing was popular until the 1970s when encapsulation technology came for the first time. The advantage of shampooing technology is that it can clean a very dirty carpet. However, the disadvantage of this techniqe is that it leaves residues of the cleaning material and he takes long to dry.

When it is dry, it becomes sticky because rinsing is not done after shampooing. This leads to residues of the compound on the carpet. Therefore, it is a comparatively less popular method.

Applying foam 

The method of applying form to clean carpets involves using a rotating brush fixed amount of shampoo is spread on the surface of the carpet. This leads to the creation of forms the process. The home is left behind for about one hour to dry.

After this, using a vacuum cleaner, the accumulation is removed. Yet, the whole shampoo might not be eliminated without using a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, steam cleaning is better than this method.

Thus, there are diverse methods of cleaning carpets available in Singapore. Thanks to the typical climate condition of the country, methods that can conserve resources such as water hand cars little impact on the environment as well as cost effective are more popular. While choosing a method, you need to take into account the type of the carpet and where they are being used.

Carpet Cleaning Singapore

How to Maintain Your Carpet & Rugs?

When you use carpets to improve the looks and comfort level of your home then it becomes necessary to maintain their freshness so that you can enjoy their lavishness for long. Some tips are provided hereunder to help you in this regard.

Vacuum it regularly and properly: You should vacuum your carpets regularly to keep them clean for long. The vacuuming should be properly done instead of just moving the vacuum over the carpet. You should move the vacuum vertically and horizontally to remove dust and dirt from the entire room. You can remove more dust and dirt from the carpet by vacuuming it repeatedly. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the vacuum you should empty its trash bag when it is half filled. While vacuuming the rugs you should move it patiently to remove dust embedded in their lower layers.

Clean spills quickly: Cleaning up a mess can be difficult if it is not tackled immediately. When something spills on your carpet then instead of wasting time you should clean it instantly by dabbing on it. You should avoid scrubbing the spills as it will go deep into the rug. You should use different types of cleaning methods for different types of spills like dish soap, hydrogen peroxide or similar other cleaning solutions.

Redesign your room occasionally: People normally use luxurious carpets to fill their room with comfort and warmness. But the lavishness of these carpets goes away when you do not move the furniture set on it for long time. You can avoid such damages by reorganizing the furniture on your rugs after every 2-3 months. Though it can be a time consuming process to maintain their looks of your rugs still it is necessary to protect your investment on them.

Stretch out the carpets
: Any kind of wrinkle or wave on the carpet can damage its surface if it remains there consistently for long time. These waves or wrinkles can be caused due to various reasons including humidity, improper installation of the rug or moving heavy furniture over it. So whenever you notice a wrinkle on the carpet you should try to stretch it out immediately to maintain its shape and looks for long time.

Wipe your feet or take off shoes: You can easily maintain the looks of your carpets inexpensively just by taking off the shoes or wiping your feet on the doormat before entering into the room. Most of the dirt and dust found in carpets come with your shoes and feet. Moreover your shoes can also damage the threads of your rug due to their abrasive soles.

Use stain resistant materials: Though nothing can be perfectly stain resistant still you can use carpets made of stain resistant materials so that they can be cleaned easily. However in heavy traffic areas the stain resistance diminishes with time. In such condition you can protect your rugs by applying a layer of protective material over them. They will prevent the entry of dust and dirt into the threads of your carpet. It can also protect your carpet from damages caused by exposure to UV rays.

Install blinds or curtains: The sunlight can extremely warm up your home during the hot summer season. This excessive heat and exposure of UV rays can affect the color of your carpet t a considerable level. You can maintain the freshness and color of your rugs just by installing blinds or curtains on your doors and windows. They will protect your carpets by keeping the light and heat of sun rays out of your home.

Use an extra layer to increase life of your carpet: If your home receives heavy traffic in routine then your carpets can damage quickly by beating up under the feet in routine. You can avoid premature wearing of your carpets by spreading an additional layer of decorative rugs on them. Along with protecting your carpets these rugs can also provide a unique look to your space. You can also use decorative rugs to postpone the re-carpeting of your room by covering the worn out parts of your carpet with them. It is better to use heavier rugs to cover your carpets as they reduce the risk of falling by getting entangled into them.

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily maintain the looks of your carpets and rugs.

6 Reasons Why Most People Outsource Their Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be a daunting task for many people. Although some people try to clean their carpets all by themselves, many others find it easy to give carpets to cleaning service providers. Outsourcing carpet cleaners is an investment you should consider, given the many returns and befits that come with it. Here are the reasons why you’ll find many people outsourcing carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Outsourcing saves time

Cleaning carpets at home can be very time-consuming. Leave alone the time spent cleaning the carpet, you’ll also take time to learn various techniques to do it right. Investing in a professional allows you to keep your room clean without having to put too much effort. When the carpet cleaner is working for you, you can spare that time to focus on something else. Furthermore, these professionals do not need supervision to do a perfect job.

Services provided are cost-effective 

It might sound contradictive how you save money when you are actually spending it to pay for professions-who is obviously expensive. Well, when you look at it from a broader perspective, it gets clearer how you get to save. When washing at home, you may be required to buy some special washing tools and equipment to serve the purpose. However, if you invest in a specialist, you’ll not need to buy all this equipment. In fact, some are way too expensive just to buy for one time or occasional use. On another perspective, the time you’d spend washing the carpets is too much while you can spend it doing something you are good at. Be sure not to compromise quality for cost. Some carpet cleaners who are very cheap compared to others should send you an alarm. Don’t always fall for the cheap providers because excessively low-cost providers have often been associated with poor quality services.

Outsourcing comes with great expertise

Ideally, carpet cleaning isn’t something you wake up and do without any knowledge about it. Neither can you read through a few scripts and be able to do the job properly. Professional cleaners have the ability to easily identify the fabric used to make carpet and know what kind of cleaning treatment the carpet requires. They also know the procedure for cleaning each carpet type. This saves the fabric from damages due to faulty cleaning treatment. You can bet on their cleaning services to maintain the color and quality of your carpet. When cleaned by an expert, you’ll also not have to clean your carpet more often than you need because the cleaners don’t leave any traces of dirt. Due to their level of experience, they offer these services in a hassle-free manner.

Professional cleaners also offer additional services like carpet stretching and tile and grout cleaning. They also provide carpet dying services. Most of these additional services can only be done by a professional. If you need such, then you ought to outsource.
Professional cleaners also offer additional services like carpet stretching and tile and grout cleaning. They also provide carpet dying services. Most of these additional services can only be done by a professional. If you need such, then you ought to outsource.

Use the latest equipment

You could be in possession of several carpets, all made from different fabrics. It’s almost impossible to personally own specific equipment suitable for each type of carpet. It’s also difficult as an individual to buy every new equipment that comes in the market. Carpet cleaners move with the trend in the market. They purchase the latest machines and equipment that help them offer updated cleaning services. And besides, they have a variety of them for different types of carpets.Environment protection

One of the best things about professional cleaners is that they use eco-friendly agents. They will never gamble on new products without knowing how they really work and the effect they have on the environment. They use tested and re-tested agents and systems that do not pollute the air. This way, they protect you as the customer from the effects of unhealthy products.


Due to the competitive nature of the cleaning industry, a carpet cleaner tries to understand that you hand many options before considering them. For this reason, they work hard to keep your loyalty. They do exemplary cleaning and they are available for after-service, just in case you need them.

Carpet cleaning FAQ

Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

Although DIY carpet cleaning methods are great to maintain, professional carpet cleaning is surely better than getting it done all by yourself. Expert technicians use powerful cleaning systems and methods that are much stronger than homemade cleaners or portable carpet steamers, thereby yielding great results

How do I deep clean my carpet?

You can go for thorough deep cleaning of your carpet using a steam cleaner or some effective homemade cleaning solutions. For steam cleaning, you begin by vacuuming the carpet and treating spot stains with a carpet stain remover. Allow it to dry for a few minutes while you prepare the steamer for cleaning. Run the machine on the carpet, finally leaving it to dry for several hours. For homemade cleaning solutions, what can come handy is some table salt and detergent, followed by scrubbing with some baking soda and water. Alternatively, a vinegar-water solution works wonders to get it done.

How can I deep clean my carpet without a machine?

You can deep clean your carpet without a machine using baking soda or dish soap. Once you vacuum the carpet, sprinkle the stain with baking soda or use 1 tablespoon dish soap per 6 to 8 inches of stain. Swoosh the solution around and scrub the stain with warm water using an old brush or towel. Turn on fans or open nearby windows to let the carpet dry.

How do you clean dirty carpet by hand?

You can clean a dirty carpet by hand by making a mix of distilled vinegar and cold water in a ratio of 1:3. Spray it on the carpet and leave it for a few minutes, further gently blotting the surface with a microfiber cloth. Avoid scrubbing to prevent the carpet from damage.

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