This is why you should Choose Singapore Dry Cleaning As Your Laundry Service

If you are looking for a reliable dry cleaning company in Singapore, then you have come to the right place. In the modern age, we want to look professional without losing time doing laundry in our homes or driving every week to the laundry shop to deliver and pick up clothes. When doing any kind of business, you need to look neat and presentable so as to leave a good impression on your colleagues as well as clients. For a stunning appearance, you need to put on clothes that are not only smelling good but also not faded. In addition, the clothes should be well ironed and clean.

It is quite difficult to achieve this look when doing your laundry from home as they are some stubborn stains that may be difficult to remove or you may not have the proper ironing skills hence the need to hire the services of a professional dry cleaner. At Singapore dry cleaning Company, we have many years of experience and a strong reputation in the cleaning industry across the country. We provide affordable, quality and convenient dry cleaning services, cleaning of household items like carpets and curtains as well as shirt laundry services. We also provide free quick pick up and delivery services from your home or work place. Here is a detailed look at some of the reasons why you should hire Singapore dry cleaning as your laundry service.

Competitive and affordable prices

The prices of a dry cleaning company are the first thing you look at when choosing a reliable dry cleaning company. The cost of dry cleaning clothes can easily be shot up by companies who are more interested in making money rather than delivering quality cleaning services but at Singapore dry cleaning Company, we know that making our prices affordable and not compromising on our quality is the best way to attract and maintain customers. Our prices are fair and very affordable and this does not mean that we offer lower quality cleaning service. In fact our excellent and high quality cleaning services is what keeps our customers coming back when they need assistance.


Experience is another factor that distinguishes between an average dry cleaning company and the best dry cleaners. At Singapore dry cleaning Company, we strive to make dry cleaning a much more bearable experience as opposed to it being an everyday chore that you have no choice but to do. With many years of experience in the dry cleaning industry, we will pick up your clothes on time and deliver then at the agreed time without questions. Our friendly customer care representatives will also listen and respond to any complain made and ensure you are full satisfied.


We are fully aware that most people are attached and very careful with their clothing. Delicate clothes such as fur, wool and silk and others require a lot of care when being cleaned and our customers can trust that we will wash such clothes with a lot of care. We ensure that all stains are removed and we rinse the washing chemicals properly to prevent skin irritation or infection caused by the washing chemicals.


Time is a very important factor in the modern era. With the kind of busy life every person is living, a delay of even one minute makes a big difference. At Singapore dry cleaning Company, we ensure that our customers get their clothes dry cleaned at the agreed time and date. To save our customers the time they would spend delivering their garments and picking them up, we provide free laundry pick-up and delivery services. This not only helps to save our customers time but also our time.

High quality services

When it comes to dry cleaning, quality of the service is what matters most. In case the clothes get damaged during the cleaning process, the customer will definitely be disappointed. To prevent such incidences, we have hired well trained and professional people in our company who knows the right chemicals to use depending on the fabric or material type. They also rinse the clothes well so that the chemical is not retained in the clothes giving them a bad smell or it can cause skin irritation and in some cases infection to the skin.

Friendly customer service

When doing any type of business, customer care is very important. A customer should be able to feel safe when they contact the customer care for any complains or compliments. We have employed well trained representatives who deals with the customers in a friendly and polite way. We strive to ensure that all customer complaints are looked into as soon as possible. Our representatives are very knowledgeable, well trained, friendly and well behaved when dealing with any customer; they will remember your name and have your garments picked up or delivered on time with no questions.

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services to our customers across Singapore. Besides dry cleaning of clothes and washing of clothes, we also, wash and dry clean carpets and iron clothes, so you can say we offer a complete package from dry cleaning to washing, and delivering to home or any other agreed areas in Singapore. You just need to give us a call to pick the clothes or you can deliver them and we will do the rest of the work.

At Singapore dry cleaning service, we give priority and respect to the demands and requirements of our customers which is why we aim at providing exceptional and promising wash and dry cleaning services.

Singapore dry cleaning Company aims at providing each customer with quality service using the right cleaning materials to keep the clothes from having an odor, aging and fading. We simply take care of all our customers’ garments like they were our own. Whether you are looking for a dry cleaning company to clean your suit, wedding gown, shirts, Singapore Dry Cleaning Company is the best place to be and you can be sure of quality dry cleaning service that is second to none.

A professional dry cleaner should make efforts to keep its store clean and tidy to ensure a workplace ideal for handling its customers’ garments. It adheres to safety rules and its equipment is always well maintained. It should also act responsibly towards the environment. Solvents used should be suitable for the types of garments washed and be appropriately cleaned and disposed of. Thorough removal of the cleaning solvents from the cleaned clothing helps prevent odours and skin irritation from arising.

There are other ways to assess the value of the service provider. Attributes like dependability, timeliness or fast turnaround time, customer service and the appearance of clothing after they have visited the dry cleaner, are useful indicators. Clothes should be ready for collection or delivered at the time stipulated. They should also look and smell clean with no visible stains. Should any stain marks prove impossible to be removed completely, it should be relayed to the customers, with some money back guarantee, where possible.

The service staff should be well trained, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Customers can do their part by making known any special requirements to the service staff at the point of depositing their laundry. In this way, their expectations can be aligned and fulfilled. Some dry cleaning establishments even offer a one-stop centre whereby customers just need to dial a number or put in their request via email for their garments to be collected and returned to their homes without having to commute to and fro from the laundry shop. Additional bonus may include alteration or minor mending works.

A reputable dry cleaning company is sure to save time, money and hassle for its customers. In doing so, it achieves invaluable customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


  • Esther Loh
    Tried several dry cleaning company but none are as efficient and affordable as Singapore Dry Cleaning, I am doing my weekly laundry cleaning with them and i must say that they are one of the top laundry and dry cleaning campany in Singapore.
    Esther Loh
  • Miss Cathy
    I was searching online and found Singapore Dry Cleaning. Their price are very reasonable and also very efficient service. I am using them for quite awhile and i am very pleased and impressed with their service. Will recommend them to anyone who needs laundry and dry cleaning service.
    Miss Cathy
    Ang Mo kio
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