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Tips To Protect Your Clothing When Using Washing Machine

As much as most clothes are quite affordable, at times particular designs are quite expensive. This is especially true if you want to stay in touch with the trends fashion-wise. This is the key reason why you should want your clothes to last as long as they can. As much as there are several things that usually lead to the ruin of good clothing, the most popular among them are washing machines. No one wants to put on clothes with color stains and fabric wears out among other damages caused by the washing machine or drier.

Laundry Cleaning tips

To help you protect your clothing and have them functional for as long as they may, there are a number of tips and guidelines that should be followed to the latter when handling a washing machine. The lot includes the following;

1. Choose and pick the most efficient washing machine

Most folks using washing machines tend to love top-loading washing machines. These machines feature agitators that pull and turn your clothes around. On the other hand, front-loading washing machines make use of gravity tumbling clothes in and out of the water. Now, when looking through the two types in detail, you will notice that front-loading washing machines are actually gentler on the content being washed. This means that your clothing should be more prone to avoid tangling and snags.

2. Ensure that you always use cold water when using a washing machine

Hot water accelerates the wearing out of fabrics. Hot water is only quite important, and rather essential when cleaning clothing that has been really soiled. Otherwise, there is no need for using hot water when cleaning other clothes and garments.

Also, there are other clothes that feature a 'clean in hot water' label. You need to understand that washing such clothes in cold water should have them as clean and without any kind of damage. However, if you wash clothes in water that isn't meant to be exposed to the same, they may end up shrinking or stretching. This means that you have to always do your laundry using cold water, just to be on the safe side.

3. Wash your clothes inside out

This is one of the most important and very simple precautions when washing clothes using a washing machine. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most ignored basic rules of clothing protection.

Washing machines expose clothes to multiple spin cycles in turn, eliminating dirt. That cycle can force wears and tears on clothes and fabrics. When washing clothes inside out, you have the inner parts of the clothes going through all the hassle, wear and tear at times. Washing them inside out ensures that the exterior part and design of the clothes remain safe and intact.

Laundry Cleaning tips

4. Adjust to the perfect washing machine settings

Before washing any piece of cloth, top, trousers, shorts or any other clothing for that matter, it is important to properly read through its label. This should help you define the washer settings to be used when cleaning those clothes. The setting does vary from delicate through to hard depending on the brand and labeling of your machine.

If you can find or figure out the washing speed of any clothing from its labeling, the best course of action is washing it using the delicate, rather the slowest speeds. This should guarantee the protection of all and any of your attires from wears and tears.

The bottom line is that ensure you read through labels of any clothing you are looking to wash using the machine then use your best judgment to figure out the best washer setting for that particular case.

5. Remember to always go through and sort your laundry pre-washing

Now, as mentioned before, washing machines work through continuously turning and pushing clothes against each other. This means that if you have different colors in the machine at the same time, they are bound to spin and cycle together. This could easily lead to the mixing of colors. Of course, that can cause significant damage to your clothes. This is one of the main, if not the main reason why you should always sort your clothes before washing them using a washer.

Another reason why sorting your clothes is very important is that it should help you avoid any unpleasant complications such as uneven 'cooking' of fabrics.

These are some of the key tips that should be followed when washing clothes using a washing machine. Keep in mind that following all these tips and guidelines to the latter should help you achieve your goals clothing-wise.

Pre-washing preparation guidelines

All the tips and guidelines stated above are meant to help and guide you when using a washing machine. Most of them apply in the cleaning process. Apart from that, there are also a number of general tips that should ensure smooth and easy cleaning of clothes using a washing machine.

Among the most popular and commonly-applicable ones are;

- Choose the smoothest and most-efficient detergent possible. Also, be very careful on the amount of detergent you add to the washer since overdoing it can impact your garments and clothes.

- Perfume and hairsprays should be sprayed before putting on clothes.

- Avoid storing your clothes in air-tight plastic bags and packages.

- Completely brush-off, or rather eliminate any salt before putting your clothes in a washing machine. Remember that salt can cause significant damage to your washer and dryer.

Laundry Cleaning tips

These are most, if not all key tips and guidelines when handling a washing machine. To paint a clearer picture on the same, here are a number of things that should be avoided at all cost;

- Avoid overloading the washing machine at any and all times.

- Don't leave anything in your pants', shirts' or even sweaters' pockets. In short, ensure that you empty all your pockets before adding the clothes to the washing machine.

- Do not use too much detergent.

- Avoid letting wet clothes lie in a washer for too long.

 Finally, never try fixing any damages on your own, contact and let experts in the same handle them.


The durability and efficiency of any washing machines entirely depend on the care and attention exposed to it be it. In the same manner, how long your clothes last and how good they look also depend on the care and attention given to the lot. This means that in order to have your clothes always clean and last much longer, you need to follow all these tips and guidelines pointed out.

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