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Differences Between Dry Cleaning And Washing Machine

In today’s technologically advanced people have no time to wait to complete any process at its own pace due to their busy work schedules. They usually want that any work should get completed within no time. People used to wash clothes and other fabric by hand or cleaning them in laundry, even if it takes their entire day to complete the task. But now washing machines have replaced laundry cleaning of the clothes in homes. However, in Singapore, to save time everyone is today dependent on the companies offering laundry cleaning along with dry cleaning services. Though the purpose of both types of clothes washing systems is the same but they are different from each other in many ways. The information provided in this write-up will help you to understand the differences between both of these methods for cleaning clothes.

Dry Cleaning  Washing Machine

What is Dry Cleaning?

According to its name, you need not use water while dry cleaning clothes of any kind. But, no use of water does not mean that no liquid will be used in this method. In order to remove stains and dirt from the clothes the cleaning service providers use a chemical, perchloroethylene or perc. This type of cleaning is also preferred for the clothes that are too heavy, thick and sturdy like rugs, carpets, huge curtains, bed sheets, men’s suits and heavy gowns etc. While cleaning such items perc is applied on their dirty and stained areas to remove them more effectively. Then these clothes are tumble dried by loading into a large size drying machine.

Benefits of dry cleaning

In Singapore, dry cleaning can offer a number of benefits to the people with busy work schedule like:

- It maintains the shape and size of the heavy and thick fabric like carpets, curtains and gowns etc.
- It cleans the garments and other fabrics with any deformation due to shrinkage
- It protects the fabric from being wrinkled
- It protects the original color and texture of the fabrics of all kind
- It increases the life of the clothes
- It removes oily and greasy stains more effectively

What is washing in machine?

Washing in machine or laundry cleaning is the traditional method of washing clothes in which a detergent, bleach and fabric softener are used along with water to clean the fabrics of all kind. Traditionally laundry cleaning was done by hand but after the advent of washing machines laundry washing is done in Singapore in washing machines. Even in washing machine a mixture of water and solvent is used to clean the clothes. However it may take more time to dry the cleaned clothes than required for dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning  Washing Machine

Benefits of washing in machine

Washing in machine also offers many benefits than conventional methods of washing clothes like:

- You need a washing machine, bleach and laundry detergent along with water for laundry cleaning clothes
- It can clean deepest stains on any garment
- Freshly washed clothes usually have a fragrance of freshness
- Washed clothes remain odor and chemical free
- Cleaning materials used in machine washing help removing grease and dirty stains by working evenly on the entire fabric
- It is not harmful for the environment as well as your skin.

Difference between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning or washing in machine

Though basic purpose of both the cleaning methods is the same still you cannot overlook the differences between them like:

Though dry cleaning can clean all types of stains and dirt but it may not be suitable for cleaning a soiled shirt. It may not be able to remove the odor and stains of sweat hidden in the cuffs and color of the shirt. Such tough stains can be removed more effectively by soaking them in laundry detergent or bleach to soften them while washing in a washing machine.

The size and shape of certain fabrics like curtains and rugs can change by washing them in washing machine however cleaning then dry can retain them in their original size and shape and without causing wrinkles.

- Cleaning the clothes dry can be faster process than laundry cleaning
- It can be a bit costlier to clean clothes dry than laundry cleaning due to the cost of solvent used in it instead of water
- While drying dry cleaned clothes steam is used whereas clothes washed in washing machine are dried by using iron.
- Dry cleaned clothes do not have a fragrance of freshness like in laundered clothes
- Clothes washed in washing machine can be more dirt free than dry cleaned clothes if they are properly rinsed in water.
- You can clean all types of clothes and fabric by cleaning them dry but laundry cleaning has some restrictions.

Dry Cleaning  Washing Machine

Reasons to choose dry cleaning or laundry cleaning services in Singapore

The companies offering dry cleaning and laundry cleaning services in Singapore know which method will be the best for the fabric of your garments and other accessories, on the basis of their long experience and knowledge. Today most of the cleaning services in Singapore use latest technologies and equipment to provide the best services to their customers. In this way, they can also help you in doing your fabric cleaning jobs without causing any back or head ache as clothes cleaning is a very time and energy consuming household chores. Moreover, the cleaning service providers can pick up your dirty clothes from your home and deliver clean clothes at your doorstep, even without any additional charges, to make it more convenient for you. You only have to inform them through a phone call for this purpose.

In fact the dry cleaning and laundry cleaning services in Singapore know which process to follow while cleaning your clothes of different types of fabrics. Their past experience helps them to choose suitable cleaning agent to get rid of the stains and dirt without damaging the fabric. Moreover, on the basis of their professional training and experience, they can complete the task fast and easily otherwise it can be very daunting for you to remove different types of stains from different types of fabrics. So you should chose a dry cleaning and laundry cleaning service in Singapore to clean all types of your garments effectively without damaging them.

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