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Many households in Singapore are engaging the services of part-time cleaners for the house cleaning chores. The scope of work generally entails the cleaning of rooms and furniture, laundry, pressing and ironing of clothes, dishwashing or tidying the clutter and other properties in the house. Such services can be procured from professional cleaning agencies that employ these part-time cleaners. Packages can come in the form of daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, those with frequency of 2-3 times per week, or even ad-hoc and one-off ones. The customers are then billed according to the type of packages they choose. All professional cleaners have been carefully selected and taught the appropriate household management skills before they are certified to undertake any cleaning duties.

To make the entire process hassle-free for customers, many companies act as one-stop centres that provide comprehensive housekeeping packages specially tailored to fulfil the customers’ house cleaning needs. This involves understanding their requirements, recommending suitable cleaning packages, appointing trained part-time cleaners, taking up the necessary insurance policies and work permits, arranging for appointments, and acting upon feedbacks from the customers whilst ensuring a high level of service throughout.
House Cleaning Services
With the advent of technology and a more tech-savvy clientele, many companies nowadays make use of their company website and/or Facebook for the on-line selection and registration of packages. In support of this, the various types of packages are made available for selection and comparison purposes. Many even include referrals and testimonials from users with regard to the services they received from their appointed cleaning company. From such information, potential clients are able to make more informed decisions when searching for the service providers. Simply put, they can make appointments via tel-conversation, and a maid will be sent right to their doorsteps.

It is not uncommon to see complimentary reviews from genuinely satisfied customers. Examples of complimentary remarks cited by grateful users relate to attributes like dedication, reliability, trustworthiness, diligence, efficiency, punctuality, experience, professionalism, consultative and positive attitude, and high standard displayed by the cleaners, to name a few.

Some, due to reasons such as relocation or hiring of “live-in” maids, had no choice but to terminate the part-time cleaning contracts. Notwithstanding, they continued to give praise to their ex part-time cleaners and even went as far as to recommend them to friends. Others who had originally planned for part-timers for the short term eventually turned this into a long-term commitment as they discovered that they have benefitted tremendously with such help. Most users came to realise that part-time cleaners have truly made their life a whole lot easier; they can now go home to a neat and well organized living space after a day of hard work.

Potential users are encouraged to refer to these reviews and assess for themselves how effective these agencies would be. Besides, they can learn a lot more about the potential helpers before hiring them. Those who have done sufficient homework are almost always guaranteed of an excellent outcome and hence immense gratification.

In cases where the client is unhappy with the part-time cleaner’s attitude or her standard of work, some cleaning companies do provide a warranty period. Customers may then get a new replacement at no extra cost. The company will follow through until resolution is reached. Often times, companies offer affordable trial rates or no-obligation trial rates to first-timers in a bid to let them experience the benefits of engaging a part-timer. In order to achieve a good match between the customer’s expectation and the level of services delivered, a good cleaning company will not fail to go the extra mile in carrying out its obligations.

With a more discerning client base, companies constantly strive to take cleaning to a higher level in order to stay relevant and ahead of competition. They understand the importance of quality and make customer satisfaction their mission. Happy customers can serve as the brand ambassadors and such word-of-mouth speaks volume for the service standards. Prospective clients can rest assured that the part-time cleaners are there to solve their housekeeping problems and to endeavour to put a smile on their faces.

So, will house cleaning services meet a customer’s expectation? The answer is evident from the rapidly increasing demand for more part-time cleaners, and the customers’ acknowledgment of the high level of service the cleaners have upheld over the years.
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