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Why More People Using Laundry Service?

Looking for laundry and dry cleaning service? Most of us can probably agree the notion of laundry services specifically in Singapore is not commonly used especially in the not so distant past. Not too awhile back, most of us would still DIY our laundries that are mostly not washing machine friendly, that most of us or our parents would do with care, gently by hands. Even for some businesses, they might even DIY the things that need professional laundry services, perhaps thinking to cut costs.

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But those days are slowly in the past, no doubt there are still people that do not succumb to laundry services, with recent times, things are just so much faster now. Most of us just do not have the time and resources sometimes to do such things which need routine cleaning. Time is money and when there is more to clean, you need more time. And especially for delicate items, like certain expensive clothing, upholsteries, and other items that specifically can’t be hand-washed, these items need to be sent to a professional laundry service place just for the fact that it will not be damaged. And therefore the quality, the item will last for much, much longer.

1. Quality & Requirements for Businesses
If you are running a business, laundry service should be implemented for quality and time. With the integrated resorts and booming tourism in Singapore, hotels, food and businesses are increasing their services and coming up everywhere in Singapore, even for small businesses. With demand comes supply therefore, the increase of laundry services, with such businesses, there are certain health codes and inspections quality need to be kept for a the business to be continuously running. There are places where staffs are given laundry service budget for their uniforms, so it will be kept cleaned and fresh looking (whites to be whites and for colours to look bright) without the need to replacing it to new often.

Then there are things like items used in the businesses, clothes, or certain upholsteries, these items need to be sent for to your professional laundry service during off business hours which only they can provide. Those/most items are needed, or need to be done during business hours. Even for businesses that are not necessarily in the F&B lines, they would use laundry services for specific sectors in their businesses/office spaces, more often so these businesses would think such cleaning are miscellaneous jobs and would not waste precious business/working hours for to DYI cleaning routines. Therefore, offices will always have their day and night cleaners, and their professionals to handle their cleaning for office products, like carpeting, chairs, desks, windows and upholsteries too. Also beware of hazardous stains, in many professions for example in medical, professional laundry services are needed to deal with fluids and stains that should not be touched due to sanitary conditions.

Singapore Laundry Services

2. Consistency
The laundry quality services should be and will always be consistent, and they will have the right and suitable quality products/equipment to better handle any materials given to them, rather than doing it your own risk, at the cost of your own time. This is where reliability comes into place, when you have a business or a preferred laundry service, you will never have to worry about time, nor the worry of how to deal with the washing. This helps with a lot of young people as well be it studying or working adults, who would even to recommend laundry services as part of businesses solutions, which needed it.

When we speak about businesses, using laundry services allows wash for high commercial value, like mentioned earlier, many businesses would create an exorbitant amount of soiled laundry, so entrusting a fix commercial laundry service saves companies time, helps the quality, sanitary and therefore increasing their efficiency. And this is why there is a significant increase, and will be a continue increase of number of people needing laundry services. Be it personal or business related.

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