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Why Hire Us As Your Curtain Dry Cleaning Company

Are you wondering which dry cleaning company to hire to clean your curtains? The search is over. We are the best and the most reliable dry cleaning company offering all types of domestic and commercial curtain dry cleaning services. We are the leaders and other companies follow us. At our company we understand that your curtains matters a lot to your house or office and we are committed to ensure that your curtains remain looking new and in their original form. We understand that the beauty of your windows depend on the cleanliness of your curtains. Unlike other dry cleaning companies in Singapore, we are committed to customer satisfaction and money comes last. We treat our customers like family and we expect them to pay when they are completely satisfied. You can request for a refund anytime you are unsatisfied with our services.

Curtain Cleaning

We offer wide range of curtain dry cleaning services and even tailor-made curtain cleaning services at a request. We clean colored curtains, plain ones, and curtains made from all types of fabrics. Once you hire us to clean your curtains you can rest assured that your curtains are with well trained professionals who understand the needs of the people of Singapore. We use modern and well serviced dry cleaning machines to ensure that our customers are efficiently served. We are also well equipped with enough dry cleaning machines and cleaning chemicals to ensure that our customers do not have to wait for many days before they can get their curtains cleaned. Here you get quick, quality and affordable curtain dry cleaning services that you cannot find anywhere else in Singapore. The following are the key reasons why you should hire as your curtain dry cleaning company.

1. At our company we offer world class curtain dry cleaning services that you cannot get anywhere else in Singapore.
2. Our prices are pocket friendly and our customers get total value for their money. Returning customers enjoy great discounts and pay less.
3. At our company we put customer satisfaction first. Customers are expected to pay when fully satisfied.
4 Our customers enjoy world class customer relations and support from our well trained staff members. We respond to customer queries promptly to avoid causing any inconveniences to them.
5. We are a registered and licensed dry cleaning company and our customers need not to worry about the safety of their curtains once they hire us. We also compensate our customers in a situation where their curtains are lost or damaged as we clean them.
6. We offer both pre-cleaning and post-cleaning services free of charge. This includes picking your curtains from your windows and fixing them back after cleaning them.
7 Our staff members are well trained and have many years experience in the dry cleaning industry. Therefore our customers are served by the best personnel in the industry.

Curtain Cleaning

Actually there is every reason why you should hire us to dry clean your curtains. We are among the few dry cleaning companies that offer tailor made cleaning services to customers. All you need to do is visit any of our outlets or call our telephone numbers so that we can make necessary arrangements on how to serve you. Our offices are always open and our staff members will be waiting to serve you. By hiring us you are sure that your curtains are in safe hands. Once you sign a contract with us you can be sure that your curtains will always be spotlessly clean even when you have no cash to pay immediately. We make arrangements with our clients so that they can have their curtains cleaned by us and allow them to pay at a later date. This is a rare privilege that you cannot get from other companies offering dry cleaning services in Singapore.

Now you know why you should hire us to dry clean your curtains because we are the best in Singapore. We have proven to our clients throughout Singapore that we are the best when it comes professional curtain cleaning services and affordable charges. We are actually a five star dry cleaning company in the region according to the reviews from our customers. We are committed to remain the leading curtain cleaning company in Singapore by extending our outlets to all parts of the country. All you need to do is to hire us and have your curtains cleaned by real professionals as you relax.

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Looking for the #1 Dry Cleaning Company?
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I was searching online and found Singapore Dry Cleaning. Their price are very reasonable and also very efficient service. I am using them for quite awhile and i am very pleased and impressed with their service. Will recommend them to nayone who needs laundry and dry cleaning service.
Miss Cathy (Ang Mo kio)
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Tried several dry leaning company but none are as efficient and affordable as Singapore Dry Cleaning. I am doing my weekly laundry cleaning with them and i must ay that they are one of the top laundry and dry cleaning company in Singapore.
Esther Loh (Orchard)
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