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What Is The Proper Dry Cleaning Process?

Something sets Singaporeans apart. When they travel, which is frequently, they feel well turned out, pampered and totally presentable in their crisp, bright shirts, suits, jackets and pants. Dry cleaners are a wonderful boon to industrious Singaporeans who enjoy a quality lifestyle in their wealthy city-state in south-east Asia. Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous places and the people who live there like to look prosperous too. They rely heavily on the services of a quality dry-cleaner. Singaporeans have the name of their favourite dry cleaner added as a contact onto their cell phones. They rely on these dry cleaners to fetch and deliver their clothing and other items at a moments notice to ensure they have one less chore to worry about. But what is the proper dry cleaning process for delicate and expensive garments? What is the process they rely on to keep their clothes, curtains and carpets bright, vibrant and fresh? Certainly special care needs to be given to silks, wool, cotton, suede, leather and fur.

             What Is The Proper Dry Cleaning Process?

Clothes are Inspected and Classified

Some clothes can't be washed in a washing machine - they have to be dry cleaned. And for many Singaporeans that could mean a host of time-consuming and inconvenient trips to the local dry cleaner - time which they don't have. The proper dry cleaning process includes a collect and deliver service. Garments are thoroughly checked for stains and pockets are emptied out to ensure no further staining with pens accidentally left in pockets.

The proper dry cleaning process will include the use of different models of dry-cleaning machines. Before any garments are put into the machines, they are inspected and classified. The length of the cleaning cycle will depend on the type of item cleaned and the degree of soiling as well. The pumps of these machines circulate the solvent through the machine and filters are used to trap solid impurities. Soil and stains are removed from the fabrics and even grease and oil is removed.

Not all stains can be removed simply with dry cleaning. Some stains are more ingrained and first need to be treated with spotting solvents before the garments are dry cleaned. Trained dry cleaning workers know every trick in the book to avoid damage to clothes. They know that any garments left in a soiled condition for a long time become more difficult to restore to their original bright, vibrant colour and texture. Certainly natural fibers such as wool should never be left in soiled conditions for a long time simply because they absorb dirt in their texture, making them less likely to be restored.

Solvent Thoroughly Removed to Avoid Skin Irritations

After the cleaning cycle with the dry cleaning machines, the solvent is drained and an extract cycle is run. This extract cycle removes excess solvent from the clothes. Leading Singapore dry cleaners always adhere to safety and quality standards, with equipment and machines always being well maintained. They make sure that the solvents used are suitable for the types of garments washed. Thorough removal of the cleaning solvents from the cleaned clothes is crucial so as to avoid the clothes irritating the skin. The drying process makes use of warm air which is circulated through the cylinder to vaporize solvent left on the clothes.

Finally, once the clothes have been pressed they are sorted so that they can find their way back to the right owners, beautifully fresh and ready to be worn.

            What Is The Proper Dry Cleaning Process?

Trained Staff Know all the Different Fabrics

Everybody knows of times when they've taken natural fibre garments such as silk to the dry cleaners and had it returned faded and out of shape. Natural fibers pose no problems for professional, trustworthy dry cleaners. Silks wash and dry beautifully and synthetic fibers like polyester also respond well to dry cleaning.

The best dry cleaners have skilled and trained staff working for them and they have the expertise to provide the appropriate treatment for different fabrics and take pride in returning garments to their clients in a 'like-new' condition. They know all the different fabrics well such as silk, seersucker and wool.

Special Treatment for Fragile Items

From different fabrics with a host of different attachments such as buttons, studs, zips and precious stones,the best dry cleaning experts make use of the very latest, the most gentle and environmentally friend products and technologies to clean and spruce up your clothes and other items the right way. Each garment is checked for dry cleaning compatibility.

For instance there are some fasteners which are more decorative than functional and they are not solvent proof and they also wouldn't be able to withstand the mechanical action of washing. Sometimes these items are carefully removed by trained staff and carefully and professionally re-stitched into place after cleaning. They may also be protected with a small padded protector. Trained staff are careful with all fragile items, and if needs be, they are placed into loose mesh bags to keep them safe and compact.

Fast Turnaround Time

When it comes to knowing what is the proper dry cleaning process to ensure the best 'laundering' service, there are other aspects that are equally important to being satisfied with the process. Singaporeans, with their busy lifestyles, want to know that they can rely on dry cleaners who are dependable, who have a fast turnaround time, who provide clean and well working facilities, who are friendly, courteous and helpful and who are open at times which suit your busy schedule.

With the convenience of pressing which is part of the dry cleaning process, it is not surprising that Singaporeans always look their best doing business in their own city-state, or when they are spotted in other parts of the world. Whether business-, leisure or evening wear, Singaporeans always want to look like a million bucks, and with the best dry cleaning process, they do. There’s little point for Singaporeans to own the latest suits, jackets, dresses and pants if you can't look your best when you are wearing them. A well organized , customer focused dry cleaning business will ensure that the process they follow will ensure their customers will always stick out in a crowd for all the good reasons.

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