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What Are The Types Of Clothes I Need To Dry Clean?

Clothes have evolved from being more than just a basic necessity. To date, they have become a lifestyle and a fashion statement in Singapore. No matter what the style, the material, or the cost of the clothes, they are all valuable commodities. And thus, their care as well as protection are highly important. Proper cleaning and handling of clothes is essential. Not all clothes can be cleaned by simply immersing them in the washing machine. Some require more than just wet laundry cleaning. Some clothes, which are made of special fabrics, need dry cleaning.

What Are The Types Of Clothes I Need To Dry Clean?

In Singapore, most garments today are labelled "Dry Clean Only". However, there are some that do not come with this label. For guidance, it may be helpful to remember that when the articles of clothing are made of the following fabrics, then they require dry cleaning: suede, fur, feather, leather, tweed, lace, as well as other fragile fabrics.

Below is a list of clothes that you may bring to the dry cleaner. Read on:

Men's Clothes
• Suits - Business suits as well as dress shirts are delicate. It is then best to leave their cleaning to the dry cleaners.
• Coats - Almost all coats are dry cleaned only for the reason that their material is normally heavy and might be easily damaged from the rigid laundry process of a regular washing machine.
• Trousers / Slacks / Bermudas
• Shirts - Dress shirts, polo shirts, as well as other business shirts are best cleaned with dry cleaners.
• Vests
• Windbreaker
• Overcoat / Winter coat - Coats that come with fur hoodies, for example, must be dry cleaned as well.

Ladies' Clothes
• Suits - Whether it is a pant suit or a skirt suit, ladies are highly advised to have their business suits dry cleaned. The state of the color as well as the textile is better maintained when they are dry cleaned rather than when laundered wet.
• Jacket - May it be denim jackets, bomber jackets, velvet blazers, or whatever fabric the jacket is made of, this kind of clothing should be subjected to dry cleaning.
• Slacks / Jeans / Pants
• Blouse / Bodysuit
• Vest
• Skirt - From A-line skirts to peplum skirts, this particular item of clothing is best left to the services of a dry cleaner. Skirts, especially the tiny ones, can easily shrink when laundered in a washing machine.
• Dress - In this day and age, there is a a wide array of designs for women's dresses in Singapore. Often, they are made of fragile material. The fabric can easily get torn and distorted if subjected to machine wash. Hand washing the dresses can also cause damage to the dress. For this reason, dresses are better cleaned using the dry clean service.
• Evening Dress
• Cheongsam
• Wedding Gown - This is every woman's treasure. Due to the style and fabric (which normally includes a wide array of lace materials, beadings, sequins, and more), a wedding gown is always best cleaned dry. A single wash of a wedding gown using a washing machine is most definitely a recipe for fashion disaster.
• Others: Among the other articles of women's clothing that may be dry cleaned are a baju kurong, Indian Saree, Punjabi suit, scarf, shawl, as well as muffler.

Clothes are not the only household articles that need dry cleaning. For guidance and future reference, be reminded that the following also require dry cleaning: bed sheets, comforters, bolster pillow cases, mattress protector, thick blankets, bedspreads, quilts, cushions, as well as curtains.

The benefits of dry cleaning are actually innumerable. Apart from the fact that it is convenient, dry cleaning is also inexpensive. You are certainly guaranteed to retain the good quality of your clothes while keeping them clean. It is best to always take extra care in segregating clothes that need dry cleaning before throwing them all in the laundry basket for a wet, machine wash.

People nowadays are too busy in performing various chores. The tough economy requires you to even strive harder and spend more time at work. And, people don't have enough time in performing duties like washing clothes. To alleviate this problem, professional dry cleaning services step in.

Dry cleaning services in Singapore are actually relatively cheap. Clothes for both men as well as women can be dry cleaned for as low as $3.00 (it depends on the type of clothing). Household items such as comforters and curtains, of course, cost more. But in a day and age where clothes really are of utmost significance and priority, one must be willing to pay the reasonable price of cleaning.

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