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Is Dry Cleaning Good For Baby Laundry?

Having a child to nurture brings out the true essence of parenthood. It is a wonderful and demanding experience in similar measure. It is demanding especially when it comes to ensuring the baby’s clothes are cleaned well, all stubborn stains are removed and natural detergents are used to avoid irritating the baby’s skin. Of key concern is the best method to use to perform baby laundry. Most parents are often uncertain when it comes to making decisions about the most applicable method in doing baby laundry. Although washing clothes has been the most common method of doing baby laundry, it is also worth discussing dry cleaning as an alternative method. This article explores the issue of whether dry cleaning is appropriate for baby laundry.

Baby Laundry

Dry cleaning is important for delicate baby clothes which need to be washed with extreme caution. These kind of clothes include those made of the following material:

· Silk
· Velvet
· Wool
These materials when washed using water are prone to shrinking, fading and becoming deformed making the baby uncomfortable in such clothes. Dry cleaning comes in handy also when you have initially done baby laundry and discovered that the detergent used discolours the clothes. To prevent the clothes from further damage, dry cleaning baby laundry can be adopted.

Dry cleaning baby laundry is also a good method because of the many benefits accrued.

· Stubborn stains are easily removed

Perhaps most people’s preferred method of performing baby laundry is hand-washing. Well, it is okay to do so but the challenge sets in during the stain removal phase. It can get quite messy and become a torturous process. Dry cleaning is a convenient way to get rid of all those stubborn stains that simply will not diminish with hand-washing. Greasy and oily stains on the baby’s clothes are dissolved in a powerful way in contrast to using water. This ensures that clothes are devoid of stains that are difficult to get rid of when doing laundry using water.

Baby Laundry

· Quality cleaning standards are realized

Hand washing clothes is not only time consuming but quality results are not guaranteed. In some situations, an individual is torn in between washing clothes and taking care of the baby simultaneously. This can be quite overwhelming. An individual might end up doing baby laundry in a hasty manner in order to attend to the baby. Instead of going through all these hassles, dry cleaning can be a better option to ensure the baby is adorned in clothes that have a soft touch and look elegant always. Dry cleaning baby laundry especially using professionals yields the desired results. This is because these dry cleaners perform an excellent job since they know the best techniques to use to remove stains that arise from breast milk and pooping by incorporating the relevant dry cleaning technology.

· Total guarantee of complete stain removal

Hand washing of baby laundry can leave behind some stains making the clothes permanently stained. At times, pre-soaking with detergent does not guarantee complete stain removal on the fabric. Further, performing dry cleaning at home might not be a solution to removing stains on a baby’s clothes since a person might do only an average job. However, with dry cleaning using experts it is doable. This is because the dry cleaners have a wide array of information about different types of fabric and the best detergents to use to clean them. They also take time to ensure they have stain removal experts who know which is the most suitable stain removal chemical for the varied fabrics while at the same time ensuring the chemicals do not cause harm to the baby.

· Lessens chances of contamination

When hand washing clothes, there is a high likelihood of mixing them with the rest of the family laundry. This can lead to using strong detergents that should not be used on baby laundry leading to skin irritation. Thus, a parent can opt to dry clean baby laundry separately using mild detergents to ensure that the clothes are well taken care of. In addition to that, organic dry cleaning is promising since it takes a healthy approach in cleaning clothes making it safe to do baby laundry. This is in sharp contrast to traditional dry cleaning methods that use harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to a baby’s health.

Baby Laundry

· Increases the lifespan of the clothes

Majority of people shy away from dry cleaning as they have the notion that it makes clothes to get worn out quickly. This is not the case. As a point of fact, dry cleaning is an effective technique in getting rid of stains and any other dirt on the baby’s clothes thus retaining their texture and color. More so, cleaning is done with utmost gentleness. There is therefore assurance that a baby can wear the clothes for a long duration of time before they become worn out.

· Keeps yellowing of clothes at bay

Hand washing as already mentioned is not a very effective method of removing stains on a baby’s clothes. When clothes have stains such as those from petroleum jelly applied on the baby and are exposed to excess heat, the stains have the potential to oxidize becoming yellow. Dry cleaning baby laundry prevents this from happening.

In conclusion, it is crucial to understand that dry cleaning clothes be it on your own or using professional dry cleaners should be done with utmost caution. A parent should ensure only the recommended detergents are used and the process is done right. If a person decides to hire dry cleaners, he/she should give clear guidelines on how the clothes should be cleaned, the detergent to be used and point out if the baby is allergic to certain conditions. This is because if incorrect detergents are used, the baby can develop serious complications since a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Dry cleaning if well integrated, can provide an amazing experience in cleaning baby laundry as well as offering a person the flexibility to engage in other activities. But at the end of the day, the choice is for an individual to make whether to opt for hand washing or dry cleaning.

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