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How To Dry Clean your Carpet?

Apart from adding style to our homes and offices, carpet help to keep the floor warm, reduce noise and soften slip & falls. However, cleaning them can be quite a hassle especially if you use the conventional methods with water & cleaning solution. It might take a day or even a few days for the rug to completely day and this will no doubt inconvenience you. This is why some people prefer dry cleaning which is less messy and quick but still effective. Even better, there are several ways you can do this. Simply choose what is best for you.

How To Dry Clean Your Carpet?

Tips on how to dry clean a carpet 

1. Bonnet method 
One of the common dry cleaning methods is the bonnet method which works perfectly for in-between cleanings. It involves mixing a cleaning product with carbonated water (or club soda) and then lightly spraying the mixture onto the dirty carpet. After this, you use a round buffer to scrub the material in a rotating like fashion. The cleaning solution and carbonation will work together to lift of the dirt particles. 

Bonnet method is safe for the majority of carpet fibers and is effective in removing the top dirt. However, it does not reach the dirt and germs deep down in the rug and also takes a relatively long time to clean. Generally, the procedure is ideal if you’re looking for a real quick cleaning solution.

2. Using dry powder 
You can also dry clean your carpet using a dry powder (or small powdered corn-cobs) mixed with a carpet cleaning solution. Simply spread out the mixture over the dirty material and then use a round/ cylindrical brush to scrub the solution into the areas where dirt and grime is embedded. Finally, vacuum of the powder and you have a clean carpet! The main advantage of this method is that there’s no drying time needed. However, like the Bonnet method, you’ll probably only be able to clean a third of the carpet. 

3. Encapsulation

This is a relatively new concept in dry carpet cleaning and involves a system that utilizes a cleaning chemistry comprising a cleaning agent & a crystallizing agent. Using agitation from some floor machine, the cleaning solution will work to suspend the dirt & grime. Next ,the crystallizing agent will encapsulate the particles which will then dry to a crystal. You then vacuum the crystal away.

Most of the encapsulation products available on the market comprise a detergent and although they do clean, they are not considered healthy and environmental friendly. You can, however, find products that use a detergent-free cleaning agent & sea salt derivative as a crystallizing agent.

Encapsulation method does not leave any dirt attracting residues on the carpet so the material stays cleaner for longer. Additionally, no rinsing is needed and large carpeting can be serviced quite quickly. However, it’s woefully ineffective on grease stained carpet and requires one to first vacuum the material .And if you use poor quality encapsulating product or equipment that doesn’t scrub deep enough, the carpet may not be thoroughly cleaned.

4. Using dry foam
Another way to dry clean your carpet is to use dry foam which is similar to the traditional shampooing motion. Just spray the foam all over the dirty areas and leave to sit for about 30 minutes. Finally, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The foam will release the stains and dirt particles from the material and the vacuum cleaner will take them away.

With dry foam, you don’t have to worry about any residue being left on your carpet as all the bubbles will gradually disappear. Additionally, no rinsing is needed and you can cover large areas .However, you’ll need to do some scrubbing in a strong circular fashion.

5. Using a dry cleaning compound 
Dirty carpets can also be dry cleaned using a cleaning compound that looks like wet sawdust and might have a strong citrus smell. Brush the product into the dirty material so that it adheres to the grime. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt & dry mix and you have dirt-free carpet!

Dry cleaning a carpet offers the convenience of time─ you can use the floor again almost instantly once you complete cleaning. However, you need to remember that most of the methods only remove the top dirt and deep, wet cleaning may be needed to remove the deeply embedded particles.


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