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How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost In Singapore?

The use of dry cleaning has become common in recent times. It entails use of solvents other than water to clean laundry. This is more so because of the increasing trend of people owning clothes made from delicate materials like leather, silk, suede, fur and wool. With the increasing level of sophistication Singaporeans are taking to, proper care of clothes is needed and the best way to do so is by dry cleaning. It is better than normal laundry using soap and detergent because it maintains the fabric quality as well as the color for longer periods of time. But just how much does dry cleaning cost in Singapore?

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost in Singapore?

The answer to this will differ from one laundry firm to another. As a general overview though, it is priced a little higher than normal washing machine laundry. The reason for this is a very simple one. The solvents used are very expensive compared to soap and water. They are also volatile and hence a lot of it evaporates so only a little amount remains for reuse. The equipment used for dry cleaning is also quite expensive and this is the reason for the extra dollars you will need to pay. The good thing is that the quality of laundry you get will be worth it.

Before we delve into how much dry cleaning services cost in Singapore, it is important to note what should be considered while choosing a good dry cleaning firm to do your laundry. There are many factors to bear in mind including:

• Proper training of staff. The firm you choose should have staff who are well-trained so as to assure the client of proper handling of their delicate clothes without causing any extra damage to the clothes.

• Precaution taking. A good dry cleaning company should be cautious with the use of chemicals. They should be properly handled because they can pose risk to the environment and the wearer of clothes as well. Suitability of solvents in accordance to the fabric being cleaned is also important.

• The quality of services must also be considered. A good dry cleaning company will keep track of all garments to avoid misplacements and ensure timely delivery as well as quality cleaning. The staff needs to be friendly and helpful so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost in Singapore?

We can do our laundry at home by hand washing or by use of a washing machine. So why is dry cleaning important?

• Not all fabrics can be washed using water and soap and the quality retained. Delicate fabrics need to be dry cleaned so they last long and in good shape. It is advisable that you carefully read the label on every garment you buy so you can know which requires dry cleaning.

• Stain removal is best attained by dry cleaning solvents rather than water and detergent. If you have stubborn stains on any of your garments you can have them removed by your nearest Singaporean dry cleaner at an affordable price.

• Color maintenance. Soap and water tend to fade the color of clothes but dry cleaning maintains them. if you want clothes that have their colors intact dry cleaning is the way to go.

Having understood why we need dry cleaning and the considerations of choosing a firm for the services, the question of how much dry cleaning costs in Singapore arises. It differs from one service provider to the other but Singapore dry cleaning offers some of the most competitive prices. They are as follows:

• $12 for a 2-piece suit (both ladies and men), this will however depend on the material used for the suit

• $8 for men’s coat and $10 for ladies’ jacket

• Trousers/jeans/pants/slacks at $8 for men and $6 for ladies

• Vest /t-shirts of both genders at $5

• Skirts and dresses at $6 and $12 respectively.

• Sweater/cardigan and windbreaker at $10 and $22 respectively

• Tie and overcoat/winter coat for men at $5 and $22 respectively

• For ladies, evening and wedding dress at $15 and $150 each

• Baju kurong, Indian sari and Punjabi suit all go for $16

• Scarf, muffler or shawl are charged $8

Some of the household upholstery also need to be dry cleaned; not just personal clothes. Curtains are cleaned as per kilogram ranging from $10 to $30. You can get your quilt cover cleaned for only $12/$13/$14 and your mattress protector laundered for only $10. Bed sheets are dry cleaned for $12, pillows for $3 and comforters or blankets at $15.

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