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How Dirty Curtain Can Affect The Health Of Your Family

Almost all homes usually have curtains. The curtains are used to help regulate the sunlight in our homes and at times they are also used for decoration. Many times you will find that no proper curtain cleaning takes place in most homes. We tend to assume that our curtains will always be clean and thus neglect them when we are carrying out general cleaning in our homes. However there is a danger of dirty curtains and it may affect the health of your family very adversely. The dangers are very real and if they are not prevented you will most likely have regrets in future.

How Dirty Curtain Affect The Health Of Your Family

Failure to conduct proper or any curtain cleaning will affect the health of your family in a number of ways. The health hazards posed will also depend on where the curtains are found. It may be in the shower, living room, kitchen or even hospital when one of your family members is ill.

- The shower curtains are very critical in our lives and in the lives of our families.
In most instances you will find that the shower curtains we have in our home are exposed to a lot of moisture every time when we bathe or shower. This moisture in the presence of heat may lead to the growth of mold. The mold is very harmful to the health of your children especially. It may lead to early or delayed puberty and has been associated with some forms of cancer. Different molds may have different health effects and some cause serious diseases. The shower curtains should thus be cleaned regularly to prevent this.

- In some homes the curtains are usually exposed to a lot of dust.
Curtains then usually trap this dust and it collects over time. The dust may not be harmful but over time it will pile up and be a lot. People more often than not ignore this and just leave them. The dust that has collected there is very harmful especially to kids and people with weak lungs. Their immunity will be weaker and they will easily fall ill. Lung infections and other diseases that affect the chest area may end up becoming common in your home because of inadequate curtain cleaning.

- The danger of dirty curtains also manifests itself when one has been admitted in hospital.
In many hospitals, you will find that curtains are being used to help maintain the privacy of the patients in the hospital. The curtains will most certainly be exposed to pathogens and other disease causing organisms. This is because a lot of people who are both healthy and ill come into contact with the curtains. The curtains thus have a lot of germs and are likely to spread infections. If your kid or family member is admitted in hospital they will most likely leave the place with an infection caused by the dirty curtain. You should therefore go to hospitals which carry out curtain cleaning regularly as this will help keep your family members safe and their health will not be damaged in any way.
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