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Dry cleaning is a special type of laundry service that cleans the clothes which cannot be washed in a regular washing machine with water and normal detergents. Some clothes are prohibited to be washed with hand and water so they are asked to be washed in new dry cleaner set up. Dry cleaners Singapore use special kind of solvents that are made and prepared by the specialists for removing stains and dirt from the clothes. The mechanics who provide services of dry cleaning machine repair even they ask to take the expensive clothes to the dry cleaners. If the tender fabric dresses are washed in regular washing machine, they will be spoiled. When garments are washed with the help of solvents, they are ready to be spun with hot air that evaporates the whole remaining water from the clothes.

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Here are different situations when we need to take help of professional dry cleaners in Singapore.
When having fabricated dresses.

Dresses that are fabricated with delicate threads like silk and chiffon are sent to the dry cleaners when they are needed to be washed. The main reason to send them to the professional dry cleaner machine is that the threads and fabric can be spoiled if they are washed at home in the regular washing machine.

When having thick garments.

Another time, when the thick garments like wool and coats are needed to be washed are sent to dry cleaning machine. These thick garments can harm the traditional washing machine if they are washed at home. These thick garments cannot be pressed at home. When they are sent to the dry cleaners in Singapore, they have to press them as well as they have shirt pressing machine as well.

Clothes with tags "dry clean only."

Many clothes are marked with the tag of "dry clean only" so they cannot be washed at home. Dry cleaning Singapore is the best option to remove stubborn stains from the clothes that are not allowed to wash at home are have been spoiled by washing in the traditional machine. Many types of stains are there that cannot be washed or removed without taking help of chemical solvent.

When busy

Dry cleaning Singapore is a very good option for the busy people who do not have time to wash their clothes at home. Every town has at least one dry cleaner shop which provides free home delivery as well. If you do not have time to go and drop your clothes, you can make a call them and they will collect your clothes and will drop at your home after being washed and pressed. You are just supposed to take and wear them when you are needed.

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How to choose a reliable dry cleaner in Singapore

When you own clothes that need to be dry washed, it becomes essential for you to choose a reliable dry cleaner service. Many of the fabric types manufactured today are not appropriate to be cleaned using any of the traditional cleaning methods. Such garments come with the instruction of to be only dry washed. And that becomes the reason for seeking a dry cleaner. Before finding a dry cleaner for your needs, it's important to ensure that it's reliable and can give you good quality service. Choosing the best from the list of dry cleaners in Singapore is not just an easy task.

Here is some useful information on the factors to be considered for choosing a reliable one:

Good Customer Service:

Anyone who enters a dry cleaning shop would like to be assisted by a team of friendly staff who listens to your requests and are knowledgeable by themselves. Good customer service is the most valuable aspect of a reliable dry cleaner service. Reliable dry cleaners also should be willing to provide assistance over the phone and clarify the queries of customers.

Prompt Timing:

This is one of the most important factors that customers should expect from a dry cleaner. Employees of the service you choose should be able to give a particular time for your items to be cleaned and should keep it ready for you to be picked up after that specific period. And it's necessary that your clothes should be clean and free from any stains. Don't ever think that all dry cleaners in and across Singapore are the same and offer you the same kind of service. Each dry cleaner service has their own equipment and uses different skills for cleaning fabrics. So make sure to choose dry cleaner that have customer satisfaction as their primary goal.

Check for Quality:

Never choose a dry cleaner based on only the price factor. If you want a good quality service, you need to deal with a dry cleaner that offers you overall value regarding service, quality and price. Dry cleaners that give the lowest price may not be capable of providing the results you want and it ends up costing you more than what is required. If you need the best quality and standards for your cleaned clothes, it's important that you choose a service that charges reasonable costs.

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Another factor that determines the reliability of the dry cleaner service is the way they present your cleaned clothes. Other than cleaning and removing stains, dry cleaners also provide ironing services for the clothes to be well presented at the time of delivery. Reputable dry cleaners provide the guarantee for the work done or else would offer you refund for the money given.


Yes, ever heard a dry cleaner using the latest technology and friendly detergents that will cause no harm to your clothes. Usually, most dry cleaners use traditional methods, simply because they don't want to upgrade because they think that they are already established.

Adoption of newer methods:

With the changing time, if your dry cleaner is trying new methods and is also successful, what's the harm? Stops use 100% biodegradable detergents. Clothes last long and color is also retained. No chemical residues as well.


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