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Does Dry Cleaning Include Ironing?

The Importance of Dry Cleaning and Its Involvement in Dry Cleaning

Washing clothes and general laundry work have been part of household chores for a very long time now. The technology for doing this has evolved over time from scrubbing clothes with sand and stones to remove stains in the traditional era to the modern times when all people need to do is press a few buttons on a machine to get clothes cleaned fast and effectively. Nowadays, there are basically two types of cleaning namely wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning basically involves using water and a soap alkali to clean clothes after which they can be dried in various ways. Dry cleaning on the other hand is very much different from wet cleaning. It does not involve the use of water at all at any stage of the cleaning process. Rather, a liquid solvent is used to clean clothes.

Does Dry Cleaning Include Ironing?

Even though dry cleaning is much better than wet cleaning in a number of ways, there are times when ironing garments cleaned by dry cleaning is absolutely necessary. This article will focus on such occasions and why ironing dry-cleaned clothes are necessary.

1. Remove wrinkage and shrinkage on clothes

Dry cleaning is carried out using a chemical called Percy that mostly removes stains. This chemical is very effective in stain remover and will help to reduce the amount of wrinkage and shrinkage of clothes. However, it’s not all the shrinkage is removed by dry cleaning. Therefore, soon after dry cleaning these clothes, you will need the help of an iron to finish them off.

2. Helps identify any errors

The process of dry cleaning clothes is very thorough an even with this, there are some errors with the garment that may not be noticeable at the other stages of dry cleaning. For instance, buttons may fall off, some areas of the garment such as the collar of a shirt may not have been properly cleaned, and this list can go on and on. It is at the stage of ironing that a cleaner may be able to identify some of these errors and fix them while there is still some time. This is because during ironing, a cleaner will have to pay close attention to each part of the garment.

3. Helps to completely discard any remaining smell of perc

Perc has quite a strong scent, which is irritating to some people, and this smell may a bit difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, a smell cannot be completely removed from clothes when it’s supposed to be removed and a little of it will remain on clothes. In such occasions, ironing will help out a leave your clothes with a completely fresh smell. It is therefore very important to iron clothes after dry-cleaning them.

4. It is necessary for a fresher and better general appearance of a garment

Often, dry cleaning a cloth is never enough. Not if you want the clothes to look fresher and stylish. This is where ironing comes in to help. Ironing will not only help achieve these objectives, it will also help to improve the quality of clothes, and hence they will be able to last for longer. In addition, ironing dry cleaned clothes gives these clothes a more fashionable and modern look.

As seen above, ironing clothes that have been dry-cleaned is absolutely necessary. It is not something that should be dismissed easily with a wave of the hand. It gives clothes a chance at longer lifetime and a better finish. It is one of the last stages of the cleaning process and though at this stage ironing may seem as an annoying task, but if your goal is to have a better looking garment without the creases associated with cleaning, broken buttons also associated with dry cleaning, a garment with a fresher modern look than you probably bypasses this task.

At most, dry cleaning plants, those involved in cleaning will do this for clients when clothes are still a bit damp for maximum positive effect. They are qualified and will hence do this right. Since not all dry cleaner iron cloths after cleaning them, there is every need to look for one that does this in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. There are so many reviews on the internet regarding to this kind of services. Therefore, it's important to know what is the best as discussed above.

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