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A Comprehensive Guide To Dry Cleaning

 Dry cleaning has been part of many people's life, but most of them don’t know exactly what it is. This is simply the process of cleaning clothes with solvents that are run through garments without using any water and soap to dislodge dirt, dust, food or oils. However, this cleansing process isn’t really dry at all. The clothing is wetted with chemical agents and solvents, then pressed and treated with steam. In fact, most clothes and other items that have dry clean only label on them can be cleaned at home using a dry cleaning kit. However, it will be a good idea to have your clothes dry cleaned professionally, especially when you have a tight schedule.

Guide To Dry Cleaning

When Do You Need Dry Cleaning Services?

There a number of situations that call for such services and the following are some of them:
• Persistent stains –
if your expensive garment or suit contains some stains that you have tried to treat with no success, it’s the right time to take it to your dry cleaner. Some stains can still be visible until they are dealt with professionally.
• Delicate silk or fabric –
rather than risk damaging your garment or suit by washing it, dry clean it.
• Tailored garments –
if you have tailored garments always have them professionally dry-cleaned.

How Often Should You Dry-Clean Your Clothes?

Finally, you’ve a well-organized wardrobe with clothes for formal and casual occasions. Now it’s your duty to ensure your attire always looks fresh and clean. Dry cleaning is actually the best way to keep your wardrobe items in great shape, but keep in mind that not all of them need to be dry-cleaned after each wear. The following pointers can help you know when it’s the necessary to take certain types of clothing to a dry cleaner.

1) Button-Down Blouses And Shirts –

This type of clothing fit close against the skin and tends to absorb sweat. Because of that, they will require regular cleaning. It’s therefore important to take your silk blouses to a dry cleaner after each wear or your button-down shirts after 3 to 4 wears.

2) Formal And Business Suits –

You don’t need to dry clean your suits every time you wear them because they don’t fit close against your skin. You only wear your formal suit for special occasions while you will need your business suits on a regular basis, so some distinctions should be made between them. You will need to dry clean your business suits after 4 to 5 wears and formal suits once a season (or after each wear).

3) Dresses, Pants And Skirts –

You can wear your skirts or pants a few times before taking them for dry cleaning, especially if they are made of stain-repellent fabrics. Formal dresses, however, will need to be dry-cleaned regularly because of their fragile material.

Guide To Dry Cleaning

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dry Cleaner

Many people just pick any dry cleaner that’s closest without giving it a second thought. Taking your clothes to unreliable dry cleaner may end up costing you more in the end. Finding a trustworthy dry cleaner is crucial to maintaining the integrity and color of your clothes. It’s therefore important to think twice when it comes to selecting the dry cleaning services. Here are a few things you should consider:

1. Consider Their Specializations

There are many dry cleaning companies out there, but each of them has different background knowledge and experience. Many dry cleaners will advertise that they only specialize in one/more dry cleaning services, such as leather care or wedding dress restoration. This can be a good sign that they are capable of handling any special requirements from their clients. If you are looking for a cleaner that does not specialize in what you want or need, that isn’t necessarily a big problem, but it will be important to ask inquire if they have any relevant experience before taking your garments or clothes for dry cleaning.

2. Experience in the Business

Experience is gained over the years and there is no substitute for it. Dry cleaning services are just the same like any other business when it comes to experience. Make sure whom you choose has been operating for at least 3 years. It’s also important to choose a service provider who has been in business long enough under its current name. Be wary of those who have changed their names or ownership every few years.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee

A reliable professional dry cleaner will always stand behind the cleaning services they offer. This means that even if you unhappy the first time, you will have a guarantee that you’re going to get what you need/want. Always choose a service provider with a better guarantee.

Guide To Dry Cleaning

4. Seek Out Reviews

Seeking out reviews can also help you find the best dry cleaning services. When a certain dry cleaner offers great customer service repeatedly, they are more likely to be recommended by the majority of their customers. For instance, online review sites and forums are one of the great places to find a number of feedback and/or comments from previous clients/customers. getting a recommendation can also help find a good cleaner ask your family or friends who they’ve had a good experience with when it comes to dry cleaning.

5. Quality Customer Service

Choose a dry cleaning company with experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff. The employees of a dry cleaning company say a lot regarding the business as well as its quality. In fact, having a good staff that offers quality customer service should be a priority for any service-based business. They should be able to answer all your questions and concerns.

6. Consider Getting a Test Cleaning

Once you have found the most convenient place to take your clothes to be dry-cleaned, it will be good to get a test cleaning. Before handing over your expensive gowns or suits, you can first see how your potential cleaner handles something a little cheaper or less valuable. Winter coats, tablecloths and other similar items are usually the best for test cleaning.

Conclusively, it’s always a good idea to consider taking your wardrobe items to a dry cleaner because there are many benefits come with it. For instance, professional dry cleaning services are offered through the latest technology to ensure your garment doesn’t shrink or fade. They also know how to handle different types of fabrics to ensure their original color and shape is maintained.

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