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6 Smart Tips On Rug Cleaning

 Rugs and carpets are important accessories in housed as it gives you warm and protection especially in hard floors. However, maintaining the rug is not an easy task, you have to regularly clean it to keep neat and looking new. Dust and grit can accumulate on the carpet’s fiber, and mold can even grow underneath. Such as dust and grit can trigger an allergy attack on your kids and that is why cleaning the carpet is vital. Cleaning the rug also make your home neat and the environment sanitized.

Rug Cleaning

i. Rug cleaning depends on the size

Cleaning the carpet depends on its size. Large rugs require vacuuming it to remove the dirt. It is important to vacuum a large area rug after every few weeks . If the rug is reversible remember to clean the both sides. This ensures that the grit and grit that can damage your rug prematurely. However remember not to vacuum the rug’s fringe. Cleaning sometimes may leave the pet hair behind. You can use a brush to scrub the hair, scrubbing it in both direction of the rug. Turn the rug at least once a year as the sun and foot traffic can insert extra stress on some areas of the rugs. Turning them at least once a year ensures that the stress is spread evenly of the rug. You can just shake small-area carpet to remove the dust and grit. You can remove it and take it outside to allow vigorously shake until the dirt and grit are removed. However, some areas do not allow shaking rugs outdoor, so check to ensure that your local code allows.

ii. Special rugs require special cleaning

Rugs are available in various types and each type of rug requires special cleaning care. Retain the the tags on the rag to ensure that you avoid costly mistake. Before cleaning a rug, you have to check the stitching breaks and check the label to determine if the carpet is braided rug or washable. If it is washable, place it is a zipped pillowcase and wash it with cool water brushing it on a gentle-cycle then rinse it thoroughly. You can place a large braided rug on congregate floor and put an old rug beneath it. Use the special carpet detergent foam over the surface and clean it as per the product directions. Hand-knotted, oriental, antique and handmade rugs require special care such vacuuming. However, you need to protect the carpet from the getting tearing during vacuuming. This can be achieved by placing a nylon screen over the rug and adding other weight using books or bricks.

Rug Cleaning

iii. Consults care labels for rugs cleaning:

Consults care labels to know whether they can be dry cleaned, laundered and sport-cleaned. Remember the dry-cleaned-only label can show that a carpet is not color fast, therefore, test before cleaning. If you find that a carpet is washable, a machine can be used to wash but must be done on a delicate cycle. To avoid the risk of working with a long fringe, you can sub-divide the fringe into various smaller hanks wrapped with with strings. You can put the carpet in a mesh laundry-bag to avoid damages on the agitator then wash it wish cold water and in a gentle cycle. Place wet rugs on a special clothes-drying rack or many bricks stacked on a porch, breezeway or patio. Remember that, hanging a wet rag on a clothesline will distort that rug's shape. Small carpet that are made from the synthetic fibers can be dried on a small worktable or counter, which has a drop cloth for protection.

iv. use stain removal guide for the particular rug:

When your rug is stained, remember to follow the removal guide that is recommended for the removal of the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain but blot it carefully and remove the moisture from the spill within the shortest time possible. For instance, alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks require a single teaspoon liquid detergent, a quota teaspoon white vinegar and one quart of warmed water. Apply the detergent on the dirt, rinse it then blot dry. Fat-based stains require dry solvent and spot carpet cleaner. Dry gum requires peeling off. You can put an ice cubes on the rug to harden the gum, scrapping the dirt off with a dull knife or a spoon.

Rug Cleaning

v. Be aware that the rugs made of natural fibers allow the dirt to pass through the floor beneath:

Natural fibber's rugs include an open weaves that allows dirt to go through the floor. For such rug, remove the carpet occasionally and remove the dirt on the floor. Most of these carpets are reversible. Therefore, it is important to flip these rugs whenever you are cleaning the rug to ensure even-wear. If the carpet is stained, protect the floor with a cloth or a towel. Scrap the stain softly with a brush socked in water with detergents. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water and put a towel on the wet area. You need to dry clean the sport. You can adopt the use of hair-dryer to ensure faster drying. Water weakens the fibers and you need to dry the carpet quickly and thoroughly.

vi. Hire professional cleaner:

Professional cleaners have many years of experience in the field and know all the necessary steps necessary to clean the carpet perfectly. Hiring the professional cleaners ensures that you avoid simple mistakes and your carpet is protected. Professional cleaners are mostly important for cleaning rugs in high traffic areas. You call them once a month or after an event. Hiring professional cleaners is even recommended when you need to do the cleaning work within the shortest time possible. Quick cleaning can result in vital errors that can damage your carpet and hiring professionals can help you to avoid that.

The six tips are the most important once, otherwise, there are many other tips that you may need to know. You may hire professional to assist you in cleaning if you cannot do it yourself. Otherwise, remember that hiring professional regularly is a bit expensive, and it can be necessary to do it yourself a time to reduce the maintenance cost. You may only hire professionals once in two months, just before an event or after an event.

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