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6 Reasons Why Dry Cleaning Cost More?

You may have noticed that dry cleaning costs a bit more when compared to laundry. This has lead to most people questioning why they should pay more for a service which they think is the same as laundry. To them it seems like a waste of time and resources. There are many reasons that make the dry cleaning process a more costly affair. Most of these reasons are very valid and they are the ones that make dry cleaning cost more.

Reasons why Dry Cleaning costs more

The reasons are listed below;

1. Expensive machinery
The machinery that is used to carry out that process is usually very expensive. The machine that is used is like a combination of a clothes dryer and a domestic washing machine. Getting one of this will usually cost the owner an arm and a leg. The maintenance costs are also a bit higher than for normal laundry machines since it has components that are very expensive to replace.

2. Insurance costs
The items that are taken to the dry cleaner are usually very expensive items. They range from silk bed sheets to bedding items made of materials that are very expensive you probably have never even heard their names. The owner has to ensure that he has insured himself so as to protect himself from any major losses that may arise here. The cost of the insurance cover has to trickle down to the clients and this makes the process more expensive.

3. Staff training costs
The staff who do dry cleaning have to undergo some form of training so that they can use the equipment. The equipment used for this process is usually very complex and only trained personnel can use them. There are various steps that have to be followed during the cleaning process to ensure that the clothes are not damaged. Also handling of the equipment and disposal of the waste requires some skill. The cost of training the staff to carry out the cleaning has to be factored in when billing the clients.

4. Complimentary services

Most dry cleaning companies that charge higher than normal prices usually offer complimentary services. They will press your clothes after they have been cleaned and do other simple things that add a lot of value. If may be one of your buttons goes missing they will replace it on your behalf. They do almost everything to ensure that what you get will please you.

5. Detergents

The detergents that are used here tend to be more expensive than those used during laundry. They are much better than the others. They also use different solvents for each item of clothing so that dirt from somebody else's clothes is not transferred to your own clothes. The cost of detergents here thus becomes higher and it has to be included in the cost of cleaning.

6. Disposal of waste

The dry cleaning process is usually accompanied by a lot of waste. Getting rid of this waste requires you to have the appropriate drainage systems and installing them requires a lot of money. This will make the cleaning cost to rise.

Finding the right dry cleaning company in Singapore isn't difficult. You just need to do some research or get recommendation from your friends or family.


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