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6 Common Misconceptions On Dry Cleaning

No doubt, a lot of Singaporeans are turning to dry cleaning for their clothes, wool carpets, rugs and other fabrics. Dry cleaning is an efficient way of cleaning your attires while utilizing liquid-based solutions to rid the fabric of stains and solid depositions on them. Most people are also aware of the fact that dry cleaning is a technique that removes those stubborn stains like red wine and grease without affecting the quality of your clothes (like making them shrink). Despite the knowledge that dry cleaning can solve almost all problems related to cleaning of clothes, many other people are still in the dark on matters related to dry cleaning. Misconceptions can be attributed to assumptions. Some people just choose to be ignorant about what goes on in the dry cleaning shop. Nonetheless, all is not lost as this article busts 6 of the most common misconceptions about dry cleaning. What you need to know is that technology is always improving. Studies have been put in place to ensure that processes and chemicals of dry cleaning are easy to use and most importantly, safe for human beings.

Dry Cleaning

Below are six most common misconceptions on dry cleaning:

1. Wait the longest time possible before taking your clothes for dry cleaning

This misconception can prove to be a very costly mistake for you. Waiting for the longest time possible before sending your clothes to dry cleaning means that you will wear them repeatedly. Solid dirt and stains pile up on your clothes. Even if you don’t wear them during this time, stocking dirty clothes together makes them have a bad smell. Liquid stains that are wet may get transferred to other pieces of fabric. As you may have well imagined, the situation gets even worse as dry cleaning may not even be able to restore the clothes to their original state. The less frequently you clean your clothes, the more the damage you are doing. Be organized in the way you handle your clothes. Sort them out after wearing according to color and the level of dirt of each fabric. Also, be mindful to schedule your activities such that you slot in some time to take your clothes for dry cleaning.

2. Dirt is the only reason clean your clothes

Once again, this is entirely false. First of all, for clothes to be wearable, they need to be clean and tidy. Also, they need to be fresh and smell nice. Any piece of fabric that does not meet the above qualities is not fit for wearing. This is why dirt is not the only reason for dry cleaning your clothes. Depending on your daily routine, your clothes can get in contact with many unwanted things such as dust, pollen, air pollution, fungus, bacteria, car exhaust smoke and cigarette smoke among many other chemicals. Even worse, your body sweat is absorbed by the clothes that you wear. Not surprisingly, all the toxins and chemicals mentioned above get stuck in your clothes. Lack of proper cleaning may expose your skin to these chemicals that may cause many skin and respiratory problems.

3. Dry cleaning utilizes single method to clean your clothes

The truth of the matter is that dry cleaning uses several techniques to clean your fabric. Methods such as chemicals and dry foam help remove those stubborn stains on your clothes. Further, water for use is warmed and in some cases heated so that it can combat all dirt on the fabric. People in dry cleaning are aware that some dirt not only requires chemicals, but also needs some temperature rise so that dirt can be removed completely. Additionally, the dry cleaning process entails sorting out clothes of different materials before undertaking the cleaning exercise in the machines. For example, linen and wool require unique environments for them to clean properly. They will, therefore, be sorted out and allotted their specific chemicals and water temperature. In other instances, suction has been employed to push and pull the dirt out of the clothes.

Misconceptions Dry Cleaning

4. The right equipment is the only thing a company needs to undertake dry cleaning
So false. Most companies have the right equipment; some even have the most advanced machines that the market can avail. Yet, do they have the right personnel to operate this equipment? A good dry cleaning service is just as good as the staff who work there. If you have hot water cleaners, you need to have employees that are well trained so that they can handle the cleaning machines well. Think about it, when hot water is excessively used longer than is required the fabric shrinks. Even worse, the material disintegrates into pieces. This is a costly affair for all parties that are involved. It takes more than advanced machines. It needs to be ensured that the right people have the right skills to match the machinery. The good news is that all dry cleaning that is certified follow strict guidelines so it may not even occur to you.

5. A dry cleaning company with the lowest price is the best

Really? No. You need to know that cheap is expensive. Also, the cheapest company does not necessarily guarantee you of satisfactory services. You need to be on the lookout for those enterprises that offer the lowest prices for their services because there is more to that. Probably, they have extra charges which they have not indicated on the contract or the receipt. On the other hand, very expensive companies are not the best solution either. Be objective and be aware that the advertising prices may be entirely different from what they offer at the dry cleaning shop.

6. Store your clothes in a plastic bag after from the dryer

This is not true. Plastic bags are only used to ensure that your clothes do not get splashed with water or other unwanted liquids after it has been cleaned. According to experts, your clothes need to be aerated so that they can "breathe". When clothes are closed in airtight plastic bags, moisture makes the fabric shrink and have a foul smell. Further, the dry cleaning chemicals may react and cause spots to appear on clothes. As mentioned earlier, clothes that are not fresh are not good for the skin. Try as much as possible to aerate your clothing.

Keep in mind that fresh, nicely smelling clothes can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Also, you are now aware of what happens to your clothes in and outside the dry cleaners shop. Stay clean!

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