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5 Tips On Ironing Your Shirt & Pants

When it comes to ironing clothes not everyone finds this job interesting. It is important to note that ironing is so easy as long as one follows the simple steps and dedicates time to this simple job. Shirts and pants are among the easiest clothes and fabric to iron, all you need to do is to get the steps right and the job will be done. Firstly, you must have all the items you will need for the entire process at hand. You must ensure that you have a very clean iron which is free from rust because the rust can be disastrous to your shirts and pants. Secondly, your ironing board must be stable and clean enough. The ironing board must be well cushioned to absorb the excess heat being generated during the ironing process. Thirdly ensure you have water nearby before you begin ironing. The water helps to cool the ironing box whenever it gets overly hot.

5 Tips On Ironing Your Shirt & Pants

How to iron your Shirts perfectly

It will take you a maximum of five minutes to effetely and perfectly iron your shirt. Here are some of the basic steps you can follow when ironing your shirt:

• Begin by placing your shirt on the ironing board and spread it open. Remember to open the cufflinks wide before ironing them.

• Begin with the sleeves and let them hang loose on the sides of the board. Beginning with the sleeves makes the work easier because after ironing the sleeves, it will be easier to work on the body of the shirt while the ironed sleeves are hanging down the ironing table.

• After you have finished with the sleeves, make sure that the collar is opened and spread well on the board before you can start ironing it. Iron the collar of your shirt applying little pressure until it is completely pressed.

• After the collar is done, you can now proceed and start ironing the rest of the shirts body starting from below the color downwards.

• After ironing it is important to hang the shirt and let the heat cool down before you can transfer it into the wardrobe or even put it on.

• Putting on the shirt immediately after ironing without giving it time to cool might cause wrinkles on it.

• Remember the shirt becomes evenly flat after the ironing heat has cooled off.

• Do not apply much pressure on the iron because this might exert much heat on the shirt material which might cause damage.

5 Tips On Ironing Your Shirt & Pants

How to iron your Pants perfectly

Ironing pants might be slightly different from the way shirts are ironed because pants are heavier than shirts. When ironing pants you might need to apply some extra pressure to get perfect results. The entire process of ironing pants is as follows:

• First begin by laying your pants flat on the ironing table.

• Ensure that the seams of your pants on both legs match before you can proceed.

• After you have lined the seams you can then start pressing the iron on the creases beginning with the front of the pant then the back.

• Finish by ironing the rest of the pants on either side and then after finishing remember to hang it for a few minutes so that the heat can cool off.

When ironing shirts and pants it is important to know the kind of material the two are made of before you can begin ironing. This will help you establish the amount of heat you need to apply as well as the pressure. The type of material will tell you how much heat is needed and how it should be ironed. When working on the shirts you might need to apply more pressure on the shoulders, the collars and the cuffs because of their heavy material. For pants apply maximum pressure on the waistband, the pockets and the cuffs as well. When ironing it is important to make use of water by spreading or sprinkling it on the shirt or pants. The water helps in two ways. For instance, it helps in cooling off the excess heat being generated by the iron box. Secondly the water helps in killing off the creases and lining the shirt.

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