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12 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

For someone in need of a closet clean out means that you love buying new clothes. You love fashion and going with new trends. You just have to keep up. I would say, blame it on the lack of self-control but on second thought, who am I to judge?? Most of us, if not all, are victims of impulse buying or just purchasing for the sake of it. I am a loyal fan of retail therapy, impulse buying and confidence dressing. You have to look the part to act the part. Right guys??

Yes, we have to look good so does our closet. If our closets are clean then our clothes are neat plus we get to access our clothes faster than one can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. In addition, a neat closet guarantees organization and less clutter. Keep in mind the fact that if your closet is a mess, so is your room and hence your life starts being in a mess. You would not know where to start. Here is where I come in…


I have realized that with organization everything else will simply be easy and smooth. Therefore, here goes tips to ease closet stress saga. Try them out and you will see the difference in no time:

Empty out your closet

Take everything out including bags, hangers, shoes, and accessories. Simply EVERYTHING. Let your closet look new for a second or so.


Make sure your drawers, racks and corners of every part of your closet are spotless clean including the floor. Note that areas that are not accessed most of the times maybe a little dusty. Use a cotton towel and wipe away the dust. Done? Good. Let’s move on

Gather old boxes, trash bags, and laundry baskets.

One thing I am always sure about when it comes to cleaning up is that there will always be the rejects (which can either be sold or given away to the less fortunate), the torn and worn out as well as the dirty ones. With a messy closet, two or three of the mentioned will happen. This where the boxes, bags and baskets come in. while folding and hanging if any clothe falls under any of the stated, you know where to place it. Old clothes that are no more in fashion can also be placed in the boxes. Categories or group your stuff.

Sort your clothes into two piles for ease of hanging and folding. For the case of folding, these are clothes that do not wrinkle much or at all;

· Socks and tights
· Jeans and leggings
· T-shirt and sweat shirts
· Pyjamas
· Shorts
· Sweaters
· Underpants

Clean Closet

For the case of hanging, these are clothes that wrinkle and are better off placed in a straight manner;

· Blouses and shirts
· Skirts and dresses (both casual and official)
· Blazers and jackets
· Satin or silk nightgowns and robes.


Neatly fold the clothes listed in this sector. Ensure the collar or neck part is on top. For the jeans, leggings, shorts ensure the pockets or the waist part is on top. Attach every sock with its partner. Place them carefully in a classified bunch

Hangers and Hanging

Hangers are important gadgets in every closet. Ensure they are all of the same style to avoid confusion in your closet. Place the clothes listed on this sector carefully on the hanger. It is highly recommended to hang clothes that are lengthy from the end of the closet rod. On the middle part, hang the short clothes so that they do not hide the shelves or racks if any.

Arranging the folded clothes

You can decide to arrange the clothes according to color or type. I prefer type. Carefully arrange the grouped jeans, sweatshirt and the rests differently in their own racks or drawers.

Arrange the folded then hang.

This tip is for those whose closets do not have a separate hanging sector from the racks or drawers. Place the folded clothes first then hang the rest to avoid moving the hangers searching for space.

Cleaning Out your Closet

Return the shoes.

I have noted that in most closets shoes are placed on the bottom rack, that is okay, but please try to place shoes such as boots and gladiators on the corner. Heels and sandals should be in the middle. For men, sneakers and boots on the corners. Official shoes and sandals in the middle. If you have a section of shoe rack, then place each category on its own.

Return the accessories.

I would highly advice that your accessories be placed away from your clothes and shoes. Let your accessories have their own drawer. Before you place them in the closet, confirm that your earrings are in a different container from your bracelets or necklaces.
In addition, hang your scarves and neck shawls over the closet rod and belts over another clothe hanger.

Return the bags.

Arrange your shoulder bags, purses, and clutches on an empty shelf if there is any left.
If not, use a stick-on hanger, stick it on your closet door or wall and hang the shoulder bags and purses.

Disposing and enjoying.

I know you must be tired by now but if you look into your closet I believe you will be proud of yourself for the determination and hard work employed. One more thing though, you need to clear your room off the clothes that you decided to box, bag or basket. We certainly do not want you getting tempted to toss some back in the closet, now do we?? For the boxed clothes, you can take them to the store, garage or the basement. For the bagged ones, definitely to the trash can. For the basket ones, to the laundry room. I bet you know how to do laundry, so no tips for that, right??

Back to the closet, give it an once-over with air freshener, close the door and pat your back.

You have done it!

Contrary to what most people think, arranging and cleaning one's closet is not a simple task. If you don't what to do, you might end up never finding your favorite top of beloved shoes in the very same closet. As a result, the above tips are designed to help you not only arrange your closet, but clear it out of any unnecessary items.

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