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10 Benefits Of Dry Cleaning You Might Not Know

Maintaining proper body and fabric hygiene is paramount to the productivity of any individual. The body, mind and soul work in condition, in addition maintaining good self-esteem shapes everything around you. Proper hygiene will boost your confidence levels as well as improve your relationship with other people. Everyone loves well kept things, you will appreciate yourself and develop love for yourself and people around you. Therefore, maintaining proper hygiene doesn’t affect you alone but also people around you. Thou cleaning fabrics might be difficult task among some individuals, the overall benefits of cleaning our clothes are immerse.

Benefits Of Dry Cleaning

Often, our fabrics require professional dry cleaning services. Employing professional dry cleaning will increase the time span of your garment since: The garments are gently cleaned using less toxic chemicals that might harm the fabric, yourself as well as the environment. Dry cleaning makes the fabric look sharper, feel softer, smoother & more comfortable on the skin. In addition, there is hardly any toxic chemical residue/ smell left on the garment upon wash. Protects and preserves the fabric quality, value and appearance. The process naturally removes even the most stubborn stains and dirt devoid of damaging the sheen, texture, and color of the fibers. What are the importance of dry cleaning?

Saves on time

Using professional dry cleaning services saves you time as well as the energy to perform the work. Ideal among individuals with tight schedule, hiring dry cleaning services will save time and help catch more productive things. Time is a valuable resource that solely determines your daily accomplishment that help shape your life. For instance, taking 3 hours cleaning your fabrics may prove less economical, if doing something else may earn cash to pay for the service and save you some cash. Therefore, any individual looking to better his/her future ought to do anything possible to maximize on time.

Offers convenience

In Singapore, dry cleaning services are available all round the clock including holidays and weekends. You just need to make a call and the dry cleaning professional will come pick the fabrics, clean and bring back at the agreed date. Most of the times we find ourselves tired after weekday’s hard work. The body needs proper rest to re-energize for the next weeks work. In addition, everyone needs to have fun and enjoy the nature. Dry cleaning professional services saves individuals the need to struggle cleaning the fabrics and avails time for leisure.

Stain removal

Dry cleaning professionals use complex techniques & special stain removal reagents. Their method of stain removal is roust and shall remove even the minute stain in the garment. Stains are of two categories; solvent soluble stains & water soluble stains. Every stain require a specific treatment to completely detach from the fabric surface. Drycleaners are conversant with the specific stains as well as the garment type and thus able to choose the most effective treatment. You don’t have to waste your time and money shopping for stain removal treatments, when dry cleaning specialist can conveniently remove the stain. In addition, employing dry cleaning services prevents garment discoloration. Failure to completely remove stains from fabric and its exposure to heat/air will cause oxidation of these stains into brown or yellow color.

Wet cleaning

Drycleaners are fully conversant with the different fabric makes. They will gently clean the sensitive fabric including silk, wool, linen, and rayon among others. Through wet cleaning, the fabrics that might not withstand dry cleaning process/ those containing soils well removed in water. For instance, most items including wedding gowns are regularly trimmed with sequins or plastic beads which might dissolve or discolour using dry cleaning but do well in wet cleaning. In addition, fabrics containing large water-soluble stains are best suited for wet cleaning process.

Benefits Of Dry Cleaning


Dry cleaning helps to restores the fabric initial characteristics including texture, color among others. For instance, wedding gowns, antique textiles and heirloom items require great care, and on use they require to be glowing attractively. Thou not an easy undertaking, restoring a given fabric is subject to time bought and the mechanical damage it has undergone. Therefore, thou fabric restoration is possible, taking proper care of your fabrics is crucial.


Dry cleaning professionals offer alteration services along dry cleaning. Drycleaners are specialist with varied knowledge about garments. They offer alteration services including simple lengthening, shortening, take waist in/ let seat out, complete coat, suit, dress and/shirt reline among others. Drycleaners are equipped with proper tailoring skills for the extra service to customers.

Prevent moth damage

Proper cleaning and storing of fabric will avoid damage from potential insects including crickets, ants as well as silverfish. Fabrics are made from different materials which acts as food for these insects. Thus, when given the perfect conditions, the insets will feed on these fabrics creating holes and other unwanted features in the cloth. Thou cleaning is the first step in preventing moth damage, drycleaners use certain items during cleaning and wrapping of clothes that prevents insects damage.

Odor removal

Dry cleaning professional may engage in odor removal and fire and flood restoration of smoke or water damaged items. They employ ozone generators to achieve ozone treatment. Upon encounter with embedded odors in the textiles results in oxidation, and thus elimination of odors and release of oxygen gas. In addition, this process give the fabric an original scent free from detergent and other cleaning chemicals smell. This is beneficial among individual allergic to smell as well as helping to keep your children clothes free from odors.

Time is a precious commodity and often more valuable that money. To successfully attain your goals, time has to be an important integral in your life. Dry cleaning services will conveniently save your time, help you refreshen your body, mind and soul. In addition, employing dry cleaning services is paramount in retaining the quality. Incorporating insect treating strategies will help avoid fabric from insect attach among other pathogens. In Singapore, dry cleaning services are popular and most people highly appreciate these services. Achieve the peace of mind and relax by employing dry cleaning services and avoid the hustle of cleaning your fabrics.

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